Feb 152013

A very quick post today to tell you how to force an update to your Nexus 7 tablet if you have been checking for software updates unsuccessfully.

1. Stop the Google Services Framework application by choosing settings > Apps > All > Google Services Framework. Click “Force Stop” then “Clear Data”
2. Choose Settings > About Tablet > System Update.
   It should say last checked 01/01/1970
3. Click “Check Now” and your update should start to load.

The download is 47mb and takes about 10 minutes to install. You will need to reboot the tablet to complete the installation.

Hope this helps!

Apr 242010

Today I changed my mobile provider after a number of problem-free years with T-Mobile to Three who have a good deal on at the moment for a 30-day contract SIM only with ‘unlimited’ (1Gb/mo) data for £15. I had a T-Mobile G1, but bought a SIM free Nexus One from Google a couple of months ago. Now that my 12 month contract with T-Mobile has finished, I grudged paying them £35 per month. The best deal they could do on a 30 day contract with unlimited data was £20/mo according to their website.

The new Three SIM was enabled within an hour of purchasing it but, although I could make and receive calls, I had no network access. In order to get access, you need to set up an APN with these settings:

  • Name – 3
  • Apn – three.co.uk
  • proxy – not set
  • port – not set
  • Username – not set
  • Password – not set
  • Server – not set
  • MMSC – http://mms.um.three.co.uk:10021/mmsc
  • MMS proxy – mms.three.co.uk
  • MMS port – 8799
  • MCC – 234
  • MNC – 20
  • APN type – not set

To set up the APN on a Nexus One do Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Menu > New APN

Update: This morning, I called T-Mobile to get my pac code and to terminate my contract with them. To tempt me to stay with them, they offered me a £5/mo contract with 1Gb Data allowance, 100 minutes and 100 texts on a 24 month contract. I was extremely tempted, but didn’t want to be tied into a long contract, the rep then said he could do exactly the same deal but leave me out of contract – that means I can still cancel with 30 days notice! This is the best deal I’ve had from a mobile phone operator – good work T-Mobile! Anybody else paying less than 17p per day for their mobile service?

I called Three to cancel my new contract and they were also extremely helpful. Cancelling my account and promising that I would only pay pro rata for the 23rd to 26th of May (30 day notice required) – I expected to have to pay the full £15 for the month. Excellent service from Three too!