May 192012

This morning, I put my LP-E6 battery for my Canon EOS 7D camera on to charge in the standard LC-E6E charger, but it did not charge at all.

The charger has a single LED which shows the charging state of the battery. While charging, the LED is orange – it flashes once and pauses when the battery is less than 50% charged, twice and a pause when the battery is less than 75% charged and three flashes and a pause when the charge is less than 100%. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED turns green and lights continuously.

*   *   *   *   *  < 50%
**  **  **  ** ** < 75%
*** *** *** *** *** <100%
******************** = Problem!

When I connected the battery, it flashed orange rapidly with no pause.

To fix the problem, I unplugged the charger, I cleaned all four contacts using a dry duster. There are two copper ‘blades’ and two silver ‘bent wire’ contacts. The charger seems to gather lots of dust. I also cleaned the contacts on the battery taking great care not to touch them with anything conductive. The exposed contacts can be rubbed gently with a cloth, but the two slots which connect to the ‘blades’ on the charger are harder to clean. I folded a clean piece of paper in half and gently pushed it into the slots – there was a small amount of fluff which came out of the slots.

When I put the battery on to charge again, it was showing 50% charged and after a few minutes showed 75%.

I hope this will save you spending £75 on a new battery, or £50 or a new charger!

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  1. doesn’t work for me, do you think there are other ways to fix this? i just bought this today never used it ugh

  2. You could try a different charger, and a different battery to work out whether its the battery or charger at fault.

  3. I just repaired an LP-E6 battery (third party) that exhibited the same symptom (constant flashing led). First I cleaned the contacts – no change.
    Then I decided (just out of curiosity) to short the contacts of the hard to get to pair (I had to slide a thin metal ruler, and a metal nail file in the slots). Now it is charging again!
    Maybe I was just lucky.

  4. I have the same problem with my 2 Canon LP-E6 battery’s. So I thought problem is in the charger. but I let the battery discharge fully by connecting a PC fan and let it discharge completely(short circuiting a battery can led to a explosion) . it took me one night. then the battery charged fine but newer accomplished the 100%. and my 7D say the condition of the battery is two stars (I used this battery’s more than a year, back then always the condition of the battery is three stars)

  5. Same problem here, with both lpe6 batteries I have I always have to watch the charger to make sure it does not all of a sudden start flashing continuously, mostly when it does I pull it out, put it back in and it works again, sometimes it takes a couple of tries but now there is one battery that I often plug and the charger doesn’t react at all… I tried cleaning and it didn’t really change anything, am afraid to try the shortcut method though…

  6. I just experienced this problem with a relatively new battery and charger.

    After reading this blog, I took a close look at the 2 spring loaded contacts in the charger and noticed that one wasn’t springing up completely. I used a narrow blade to wiggle the contact (with the charger off!) and now it has sprung out and the battery is charging properly

    Hope this helps someone.

  7. I took My shirt and began to wipe the metal contacts on the actual charger and found the battery started to charge after that. So again I took my shirt and wiped both the battery and the charger metal contacts and it worked hope this helps .

  8. I just purchased three new LP-E6 batteries (Canon) each one won’t charge, constant flashing amber lights, I am not happy with Canon, what gives?? I am using the correct charger supplied by Canon. So I unplugged it, removed the battery, plugged it back in and rammed the darn battery back in, now it works! I am dumbfounded!! Also dumb I could have broken the charger although I am not that strong really. The battery light is showing at one flash. Awesome!! Hope the rest will respond the same way.

  9. Just bought a 60d and had same problem.

    Wiped leads cleaned with a clean towel and paper towel for the slots in the charger. I also pulled the charger prongs out a bit with a pointed knife and now the battery is charging fine.

    Thank you for all the advice above.

  10. facing the same problem , my canon 60D wont turn , sometimes it work ! battery showing full charged after few pictures its become 0% ! then a shutdown , when i charge it again , it doesn’t work ! after a time it work , WTF is that !!!

  11. This seems to have worked for me.

    “I just repaired an LP-E6 battery (third party) that exhibited the same symptom (constant flashing led). First I cleaned the contacts – no change.
    Then I decided (just out of curiosity) to short the contacts of the hard to get to pair (I had to slide a thin metal ruler, and a metal nail file in the slots). Now it is charging again!
    Maybe I was just lucky.”

  12. I just bought another Canon LP-E6 battery for my Canon 70D camera. When I charged this new battery for 203 hours with LC-E6 charger (as I did for the orignial one caming with the camera), I got a big trouble: My charger and the battery got very hot with orange light flashing quickly; it showed about 50% charged. I took it out and followed Canon’s Official Instructions to fix problems, but the same problem remained unsolved. Then let them cool, and re-charged it witha a fan aiming at the charger place was running. This time the charger did NOT become hot, after about one hour, the green light is ON, and I checked it and it showed 100% charged. This evidence indicates that the trouble was due to increased temperature in the charger. I hope this problem can be solved. Keep the finger crossed for next battery charging.

  13. Hi everyone,

    I’ve fixed the problem with my electrician co-worker teacher’s help.

    If any of others suggestions and solutions might not seems to work with you guys try these:

    The battery is dried out, meaning the battery is dead.

    You need to SHOCK the battery like a dying man being shocked by “Defibrillator” in the hospital.

    -Regulated DC Power Supply
    -Continuity tester cables
    -Alligator clips

    IF you don’t have these resources just go to an electronics shop and do the same procedures OR just buy a new battery. XD

    Step 1: Set the Regulator to at least twice the batteries needed voltage(Depend on you)
    Step 2: If you see that the battery is alive lowers the voltages to the battery’s need for about 20-30 minutes.
    Step 3: Try the battery in the charger if the blinking stops, if not repeat step 2(But I think 20-30 minutes is enough)

    And there you go. You battery is alive and ready for work!

  14. it works for me, I cleaned the contacts both battery and charger then press the battery harder to the charger, it start to charge in normal mode.

  15. what if the amber light doesn’t come on at all? got my camera a few days ago and I’ve charged it twice but yesterday I tried to charge it with the Canon charger and the amber light won’t even come on

  16. I ran a small 12V bilge pump with the battery for 5 minutes and now the battery is charging ALTHOUGH I did accidentally short the battery with the two prongs I was using to connect the pump so it’s hard to know whether it was loading or shorting the battery that did the trick.

  17. My battery wouldn’t charge after I dropped it on a hard floor. Opened the case and found a broken spot weld on the connector between the two cells.

  18. I can’t believe it !
    It’s really working !
    At first I thought the charger is dead.
    I’ve cleaned it up too with a piece of cloth and a paper fold into half the the battery came back to life !
    Thank you very much for the amazing tip !
    I wish I would have read your post before I’ve ordered a new charger and two new batteries from eBay.


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