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When I tried to power on my TV this afternoon, pressing the power button did nothing, it felt like the switch inside was not being activated. I decided to void my warranty and take a look inside. My TV is a Toshiba Regza model number 32XV555D, but I imagine the same switch is used on many Toshiba models and the following instructions may be of use to you too.

Opening your TV is dangerous and will void your warranty – there are high voltages inside and the following steps should only be carried out if you are sure you know what you are doing. I’m not a professional TV engineer and I take no responsibility for any damage you do to yourself or your TV if you are foolhardy enough to follow my description!

The first step to repairing the switch is to remove the back of the TV. Unplug the TV from the wall, and remove any HDMI/SCART/Aerial cables. Put the TV screen side down on a soft non-scratch surface.

The back of the TV is held on by 17 screws – you will need a phillips head screwdriver to remove them. The screws are not all the same size, so ensure you remember which screw goes in which hole. The screws to remove are all marked with an arrow, the 17th one took me a while to find – it is located above 2nd SCART connector.

Once the screws are removed, carefully lift off the back panel – it should come off easily. If not, make sure you have removed all the screws.

Switch as I found it

Switch as I found it

The power switch is at the right side of the TV , you will see that the button you push has a cylinder on the back which needs to somehow activate the switch which does not line up with it.

The button should push a square plastic plate which should be attached to the switch. In my case, the plate had broken and fallen off the switch. This meant that the button did nothing. You can see in the photograph that the plate has fallen off and is lying underneath the button. You have a couple of options at this point; you can either activate the switch manually, put the TV back together again and just use the wall switch to power your TV off an on, or you can repair the switch.

From a search of the Internet, it seems that this is a common problem with Toshiba TVs – if your TV is still in warranty, it is probably best to get an official spare fitted, but I decided to make a stronger repair so it does not happen again.

The plastic piece with broken section

The plastic piece with broken section

The plastic clip which holds the plate in place seems to be very fragile, and I could not find the small piece of plastic which had broken off. I mixed up some 5-minute epoxy and waited a couple of minutes for it to thicken up a bit. I put a small blob of epoxy onto the clip and put it in place on the switch. You will find this easier if you manually press the switch to put it in the ‘on’ position as this gives a little more space for maneuvering. The plate should be able to stay in position by itself while the epoxy cures (why not go and write a how to fix your TV blog post while you’re waiting!)

Once the epoxy has cured (mine says it is ready to handle in 15 minutes and achieves full strength in 1 hour) you can put the back on the TV by replacing all the screws. Power on your TV and, with a bit of luck, the power switch will work again. You have probably missed the programme you were wanting to watch though!

I hope this helps you if you have the same problem – the whole thing took me about 20 minutes to fix – much faster than waiting for the repair man! Leave a comment if it worked for you. Thanks.

The plastic piece glued back in place

The plastic piece glued back in place



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  1. My Toshiba did this after five years…Googled the problem and found this site!

    My plastic plate broke in half. I then used a two pack epoxy glue left it for 24 hours and replaced it back inthe TV.

    I then followed Adrian’s advice in post 5 and it works better than before.

    Great advice and money saving!

  2. I have just fixed the power button on my TV using your advice, for which I am extremely grateful. The clips on my square back-plate had just about disintegrated. As they could not be salvaged, I used a single Lego piece (the smallest square one), sawed the top off, and stuck it to the back-plate using araldite. I then lined one side with a slither of cork (from wine bottle) using superglue to ensure a snug fit, and popped it over the internal on/off button. I had to remove the outer on/off button but to do so only required a gentle squeeze at the sides. TV works fine now but for piece of mind I intend switching on/off at the mains.

  3. Thank you for this, I have decided to buy a replacement plate and use the TV remote to go to standby as I cant find the broken bit, good thing is it has saved me a trip to a repairer and several days without a television.

  4. The Magic of professionals online thank you.I have had my TV about 4 years and like other people with the same problem,I found that the small plastic plate had broken into pieces and with the aid of a Araldite from my local store I added a mall piece of plastic to make it stronger..Job done …many thanks for the information ..Note ..Lay the screws out on a clear space in the same pattern as they came out…

  5. Thank you for your very helpful advice. My wife and I followed it tonight – we found that the plastic connecting plate was broken – we reconnected it to the switch with epoxy resin glue. The TV now works perfectly – believe me, if we can do this, any one can! Thanks again.

  6. When i press the on/off bottom on m Toshiba Bomba tv,it makes a clicking sound but doesn’t switch on. HELP!!

  7. Many thanks for the information re Toshiba Regza power button. I could not belive how flimsey this button was. It had broken off inside, i managed to find the bits underneath the button base. I used a heat glue gun to put it together. Not very pretty but it does the job. And yes the screws holding the back on are different sizes. I would suggest placing the tv on a bright cloth and the various screws around the edge. The ones in the centre i used the phone video to remind me. I have never done anything lke this before. Thanks again

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